Think Environment

We do not only think about turnover and profit; we mainly consider the long-term consequences of our business dealings. This is why we focus strongly on the effects our mats production has on the environment along with their usage and their subsequent disposal.

Due to the responsibility we feel towards generations to come, we have exclusively been using environmentally friendly materials. Natural rubber and polycarbonate guarantee a brilliant mat quality avoiding usage of chemicals that have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Our customers are actively contributing to the protection of the environment by just simply using our mats. Due to their extraordinary durability they lead to a sparse interaction with the resources needed for their production. Furthermore they prevent a premature repair of floor coverings resulting in unnecessary building waste.

We carefully plan the disposal of our products. In order to fully integrate the used mats into the production process once again, we have developed a special recycling process. This means that our floor-protection mats can once again be reused up to 100%. It is worth mentioning that in contrast to this, it is incredibly difficult to dispose of PVC/vinyl mats without harming the environment.