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Cold feet are history!

Everybody shares this problem in the winter times.

RS Office stair mats

New staircases become dirty and damaged far too quickly, and the individual stairs clearly show scratches, ugly stains and the typical signs of wea

Ideal Helpers for our Floor Protection Mats

As a strong partner for floor protection mats, we offer a well-known first-class service.

Increased sales with floor mats

Floor mats are an interesting and above all useful product for both end customers and retailers.

Presentation of the new Disney floor protection mats

The Viernheim based Company RS Office Products is currently experiencing how you can make children's eyes wide.

Heating mat - for precise heat

The electrically powered heating mat provides warmth and comfort in cold workplaces, for leisure activities or at home.

A different kind of Christmas present

RS Office Viernheim supports Pilgerhaus Weinheim in the redesign of the outdoor area.

Now also available printed table covers

A brand-new top product from us is the desk pad.

Improved VAB® coating provides for novelty in the area of ​​anti-slip

But what’s the use of floor mats, if they slide back and forth especially on hard flooring...