Cold feet are history!

Many people know that winter problem. Now that the first snow has fallen and Jack Frost pushed down the temperatures, you really fast get cold feet in the office. But how can you prevent this? How can you prevent that the cold comes from the ground? How can you create without an expensive floor heating a pleasant warmth?

Products with a Future

A typical phenomenon of our time is, without doubt, the short life span of products. RS Office Products goes completely against this trend, always insisting on manufacturing products that are of high quality and that are durable. It was as early as 1986 that we introduced the first high-quality floor-protection mats made from polycarbonate into Europe.

Fair dates

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, it is currently not certain when we will be able to participate in trade fairs again. Until then, we wish you continued good health and look forward to seeing you soon!