Ecoblue® - floor mats – and nature is at your feet

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Whether at the office, at your desk at home or at other workplaces: the Ecoblue® floor protection mat is the ideal mat to be used under swivel chairs. Thanks to its sophisticated manufacturing process, the mat protects your flooring effectively from scratches, unsightly signs of wear from foot traffic and the typical signs of daily wear. Expensive and complex repair of your flooring is thus a thing of the past.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Made from environmental friendly PET
  • Protects from scratches
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • PVC-free and odourless –
    free of toxic chemicals
  • Ideal for people suffering from allergies
  • With structured surfaces
  • Castor chair resistant
  • Slip resistance (DIN EN ISO 13287)
  • Office chairs glide perfectly
  • Flame retardant
  • Hand made
  • Compatible with floor heating systems
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) free
  • 2 year guaranty against breakage

Also, the mat ensures that castor wheels can move freely and easily and swivel chairs can glide optimally over all types of flooring in the future. Unlike conventional PVC or vinyl mats, Ecoblue® protection mats are absolutely odourless and completely free from any harmful or toxic substances. The floor protection mat is thus also perfectly suitable for children and people with allergies.

The clear floor protection mat made of environmentally friendly PET can even be recycled several times after use. This protects the environment and saves energy - another benefit of the Ecoblue® floor protection mat made by RS Office Products.

Ecoblue® Series 07 with anchor grips

On softer flooring such as carpets rounded anchor grips keep your mat in place.

Ecoblue® Series 08 with antiglide layer

A thermally welded VAB® antiglide foil guaranties perfect adherence to hard flooring.

Form L x W in m Serie 07 Serie 08
O 0,75 x 1,20 07-075O 08-075O
0,90 x 1,20 07-090O 08-090O
1,10 x 1,20 07-110O 08-110O
1,30 x 1,20 07-130O 08-130O
1,50 x 1,20 07-150O 08-150O
1,80 x 1,20 07-180O 08-180O
2,00 x 1,20 07-200O 08-200O
2,40 x 1,20 07-240O 08-240O
3,00 x 1,20 07-300O 08-300O
T 0,90 x 1,20 07-090T 08-090T
1,50 x 1,20 07-150T 08-150T
U 1,30 x 1,20 07-130U 08-130U
L 1,50 x 1,20 07-150L 08-150L
R Ø 0,60 07-060R 08-060R
Ø 0,90 07-090R 08-090R
Ø 1,20 07-120R 08-120R