Rollstat® – put an end to the blitz.

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It only takes one small static discharge to halt progress in today’s high-tech office environment. Don’t worry, Rollstat® mats will keep you rolling. The antistatic floormats combine a top quality, slightly conductive, natural rubber with a grounding cable to provide you with the ultimate protection, which we guaranty for 5 years.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable dissipation of static charge
    via a grounding cable.
  • 5 year guaranty on discharge
  • Quality natural rubber free of any toxic plasticizers
  • PVC-free and odorless,
    free of toxic chemicals
  • Minimal gliding resistance for caster chairs
  • Fire resistance EN 13501 (Cfl – s1)
  • Extremly robust and highly durable
  • Colorfast, structured surface
  • Noise dampening
  • Compatible with floor heating systems
  • Ideal for people with allergies

You can depend on Rollstat®’s three way protection.

In today’s technology, laden office environment, Rollstat® antistatic mats provide you with an ultimate level of protection in three different ways. They reliably guard the flooring material against accelerated wear and tear associated with chair casters, thereby avoiding costly replacement of your flooring material. Since the mats are made of fully recyclable natural rubber Rollstat® additionally preserves the environment. Furthermore they reliably protect man and machine alike by eliminating static shock discharges – this is backed by a 5 year static dissipation guaranty.

And the protection continues: natural rubber is odorless and non outgassing because it contains no PVC or vinyl. In addition to the health protection Rollstat® also is ergonomic by enhancing your mobility – you can glide effortlessly with your chair over these robust floor mats.

Antistatic floor mats with grounding cable

Rollstat® mats are available for both carpeted and hard flooring. We recommend our Series 63 for parquet, stone or felt flooring in gray with black dots. Series 54 in gray is preferred for heavily stressed area or deep pile carpets.

Antistatic table mats with grounding cable

Similar to the Rollstat® mats for floors, these mats perform the same function for desk and table tops. Especially effective around computer equipment, these mats rapidly dissipate any charge buildup before damage can occur. The ideal protection for man and machine.

Form L x W in m Serie 63
O 0,90 x 1,20 63-090O
1,10 x 1,20 63-110O
1,30 x 1,20 63-130O
1,50 x 1,20 63-150O
1,80 x 1,20 63-180O
2,00 x 1,20 63-200O
2,40 x 1,20 63-240O
3,00 x 1,20 63-300O
U 1,30 x 1,20 63-130U
1,50 x 1,20 63-150U
L 1,50 x 1,20 63-150L
E 1,50 x 1,20 63-150E
B 1,50 x 1,20 63-150B
Table mats Grey
O 0,30 x 0,60 2030G
0,50 x 0,60 2050G
0,60 x 0,60 2060G
0,90 x 0,60 2090G
1,20 x 0,60 2120G
O 0,50 x 0,60
1,30 x 1,20
O 0,50 x 0,60
1,50 x 1,20