Cold feet are history!

Many people know that winther problem. Now that the first snow has fallen and Jack Frost pushed down the temperatures, you really fast get cold feet in the office. But how can you prevent this? How can you prevent that the cold comes from the ground? How can you create without an expensive floor heating a pleasant warmth?

We can offer you two solutions.

First there is our durable heating carpet. It is made of high-quality loop-pile carpet and also heats from both sides. Because of the high quality of the mat it is resistant to dirt and moistureund. With it`s two different colored sites you can decide which of those colours you want. Blue or Grey?

As a second variant we can recommend our heating mat made of durable rubber. It provides agreeable warmth and ensures your well-being at cold working places, in your free time or at home. The integrated full-surface heat conductor ensures even generation of heat, and due to its flexibility perfectly adapts to the floor the mat is placed on. The heating mat, which provides heat precisely where it’s needed and with its just 70 watts is very economical, can also be used instead of room heating and thus helps you save heating costs.

The floor protection mat can easily be used as flexible floor heating if this does not exist in old buildings. Placed under a carpet, it prevents cold feet and stimulates blood circulation. The mat can also be used in the bathroom: it is water-tight and abrasion resistant. Unlike normal heating systems, the heating mat does not swirl up any dust or dirt so that suffocating air from the radiator which may make breathing difficult is no longer a problem..

With these products made by RS Office belong cold days to the past. Whether in the office or at home. Simply contact us!